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Game and Nature – Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.

Gorges du Loup Waterfall

Gorges du Loup Waterfall– The narrow and beautiful Gorges du Loup cuts north-south through the hills at the foot of Gourdon, 12 km from Grasse. About 4 km up the deep gorges, the Cascade de Courmes (waterfall) comes down over the rocks and then spills over large mossy boulders into the pool, 40m below the top. A spectacular sight! There is very little parking near the waterfall, and the best place to park is on the left just at the exit of the first, long tunnel.

Reserves of mont d'azur

Reserves of mont d’azur– Come and see bison, deer, horses, boars and hawks roaming on 700 hectares of land, just one hour from the French Riviera A large animal reserve where over 500 native European breeds can be seen in their natural surroundings. Enjoy guided walking safari tours, horse drawn wagon rides, or even see the animals at dawn and dusk on an overnight stay in the reserve’s on-site accommodation.

L'Esterel National Park

L’Esterel National Park– A volcanic range of mountains covering around 32,000 hectares and stretching between Saint Raphael and Theoule-sur-Mer. The protected National Park area covers an area of 14,000 hectares where you can get both guided or self guided tours to learn more about the area. The cliffs and mountains rise steeply from the coast, the deep red colour of the rock comes from Rhyolite, an igneous rock formed in the Paleozoic era.